12/01/23 - HOLY . SHIT

Executive dysfunction actually kicked my ass and I didn't do a SINGLE THING over the summer uhm.... sorry!? I'm working on stuff now though :3 mainly focusing on my About Me section as I'm trying to make this site feel more personal... hopefully I don't get burnout again. I'm trying to source more gifs from other sources now so I don't lose interest as fast. Also want to make this site feel like a hodge podge of gifs so.. if anything seems WeIrD thats why.

PAST UPDATES (in order of newest to oldest):


06/29/23 - I LIVE, BITCH!

My god... so?? My computer died, and wouldn't work for a few months and hey.. wouldn't ya know it? It's working again! I definetly need to get used to the feeling of typing again but now I can actually code and don't have to do stuff on my phone!! (seriously, coding on mobile is HORRIBLE. aAUGH.........) Since it's summer and I've got so much free time, why not re-do the site, eh? I was gonna do artfight this year but didn't prepare in time so I'll use all the creative juices to refresh this site with new stuff! In the meantime, why not grab a drink and sit back? The ol' construction gifs are going back up, and you can see all the updates LIVE over the coming days!! Yay for the internet! Also I'm 110% I'm actually trans now, so no more ambiguity on my gender ;0 (though.. my gender is vampire. my pronouns are just he/it lol. gnc for the fuckin' win!)


02/12/23 - New pages!

New pages + some old ones now back up on MOSSMANS HOMIE PAGE!? I never thought I'd see the day.

Please go visit my "about me" page to view the AWESOME NEW PAGE where I write my silly stories and poems (just click on the book gif!)

I am also working on setting the guestbook back up, so stay tuned for that ;) It'll be on the main page right above Green & Purple apple (my two OCs at the bottom of the page) so make sure to check it out once I'm done w that :p

I've also come to a great realization that even though I don't know css or a ton of other cool coding tricks to make my website actually look good, I still enjoy coding, so suck it part of the brain that makes me think I'm not good enough. My pages will be ugly and cringe but they are made with LOVE!!!!! ~adios


02/06/23 - Artistic Probation

GAAAH..... ok. I decided (randomly guessed) that the source of my lack of creativity was due in part to burnout, given the fact that I just drew so damn much. Because of this, I have put myself on *~Artistic Probation~*. Basically, I won't draw for like 2 weeks, then try to get into the groove again. Unfortunately, this was a TERRIBLE TIME to do so because of my boyfriends birthday in literally 2 days (I'm planning on making a gif or fake news article abt his OCs for him lol) and Valentines Day the next week. So, I will postpone this probation until the 15th in order to give myself time to work on these things (still trying my best to.. not do as much stuff as possible). So eh, new graphics huh? Hopefully? I'm planning on making my website into a "hotel" where you can check in (aka email me and i'll make you a room, which literally just links to your website), but I also want to make it look like one big ol virus page (will it drive away visitors? probably. do i care that much? no not really its my website). Given the clash between these two themes I have decided to just do whatever the hell I want, as I said it's my website, it will be the most beautiful fake virus filled, strangely empty public pool having place on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!! k bye lol


??/??/23 - Backstreets Back ALRIGHT!

HI!! I have returned from my hiatus!! First of all, I'm not dead (obviously) and I'd like to explain where I've been!!

Basically, school SUCKS ASS and I had little to no free time to do things I like (like coding!) All the free time I had was spent either resting from the day or going outside and being neurotypical! The only downside of being neurotypical is uh.. I LOST LIKE ALL OF MY CREATIVE DRIVE?? When I started my ADHD meds my creativity literally VANISHED and I was stuck not doing or having the motivation to do art and other creative things!! Like, okay, I did have less panic attacks and was able to do my school work, but I had to re-learn how to draw. Now that I've been on them for awhile, the strength has worn off a bit! I'm still able to do my schoolwork (since I've got habits in place now) and I'm also able to be creative!!!! Yippeeee!!!!!

The second reason is because updating this website REALLY burnt me out. I obviously make a ton of my own graphics, but drawing all that stuff so quickly takes so much time (especially when I would update my banner every 1k visitors x_x). Coding began to feel like a chore, and while I still did enjoy doing it, I just became so overwhelmed and kinda vanished without a word (then only announced I had actually went on hiatus like 2 months ago). I do love you guys and everyone who decides to support me, but just GAH!! Theres SO MANY OF YOU NOW!!! I also gained more followers on other social sites like Instagram so I had to keep up a presence there and just. Look, too much work all at once is exhausting.

Hopefully, just like with my lego movie fanfiction I'm writing which you should go totally check out on my ao3 (linked in my socials page), I will develop some sort of schedule to keep me on track to update this site. I think I've taken a long enough break and healed enough to come back in full force so uh. Hi!!

I will use this page to catalogue updates to my website/my life (think of it like a journal) so if I ever mysteriously vanish again you guys will not be left in the dark!!

As always, click on the rat to return :)