Hello! My names Vincent/Chime.. thanks for visiting my website! On this page, I'll list the evolution of my banners (and site, if i can find any old screenshots or ever decide to archive what I have nowadays, lol..) If you accidentally clicked on this page, or dont want to read everything, just scroll to the bottom :)


I hit a thousand views way faster then I expected.. wow! Due to this, I had no time to make a proper banner, and thus produced this beautiful thing (self hate isn't good and rather then being like "ew ugly" at my past self, I know I was very excited, and this was a product of love. All drawings on my site and ESPECIALLY all the banners I make are a product of love. I am thankful for all my visitors, guestbook messages, follows etc etc for encouraging me to keep coding!)

On the second day..(2k)

Neocities said "giveth 2k views to a random teenage girls website", and so it happened. I didn't expect one thousand, let alone TWO THOUSAND visitors! You can tell by the rushed mspaint sketch made in 10 minutes to show my love for everyone!! Fuckin awesome, right!?

On the third day.. (3k)

Jesus wept for there were nO MORE WORLDS TO CONQUER- /ref. Going insane in the membrane, here. It was near the end of the summer/start of the new school year (hence the halloween theme) which meant I had more time to code and thus these first 3k views happened back to back, basically.

On the fourth day..(4k)

I hit 4k views so fast I had no time to draw a banner... on to 5k!

On the fifth day..(5k)

Lost media was born. From scowering my neocities dashboard, to the jspaint storage system, I have lost this banner. So very sorry :(!!

On the sixth day..(6k)

I have an admission to make.. this didn't happen day by day. I'd get a couple hundred visitors a day and on the weekends I'd update it then get a couple two-hundred more! I just ran with the bible thing since I don't know how to title these things.. also, I got heavily into They Might Be Giants (only listened to their kids albums when I was younger, then discovered they made actual grown up songs!?) which sent me down my New Wave obsession.. thanks John and John!

On the seventh day.. (7k)

I was really really tired... I made a banner and went to bed, lol. The next day, my mom showed me a little show called OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH (which only had 3 episodes out at the time) and I got OBSESSED, hence the pirate banner. No, blackbeard wasn't a mainstay character in the show yet, I was just enfatuated with Stede (he's got such good fashion!??).

On the eigth day.. (8k)

I rediscovered my love of retro computers (thank you to Steve's Computer Collection and the DigiBarn Computer Museum!!) For anyone interested (since I haven't made my computer shrine, yet) my favorite computer is a Compucolor 2! I love that little guy so much... I wrote a love note to it ;)

On the ninth day.. (9k)

My heart was on the verge of bursting. I was so unprepared for this, omg... I only ever expected to get a couple thousand visitors, but now I was on the edge of 10k!? Oh em gee...

On the tenth day.. (10k!!)

THANK YOU ALL SOSOSOSO MUCH!! Will I have to update this in the future? Probably.. but if I died right now, I'd die happy. 10k is such an impossible number to wrap my head around.. how the hell?? Lol. Where did you guys come from? Where will you go? Either way, Mr., Mrs., Mx. Cotton Eye Joe, thank you. I so genuinely mean this..


me: guys ive been on unnanounced hiatus i might as well just say it so i dont leave yall in the dark. also me 2 days later: hrmnnmm yeah lets update the site with new graphics and pages

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